Scifeon Development Roadmap

Last updated on 8-Jun-2018 by Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen

, Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

In Scifeon we want to be completely open about what is in the pipeline for Scifeon. Explore the Roadmap to see what's on the sketch board, what is being developed and what has been developed.

Current Focus

The Scifeon platform is ready for production use and actively being used by two different customer companies - however, it still requires a significant customization effort and the involvement of Scifeon consultants to do an implementation.

We have now changed our focus to delivering the functionality that will enable you to implement Scifeon withour the need for help by consultants.

This involves adding functionality, especially additional support for Excel, Prism and templates that enabling customization without programming. Moreover, we are strengthening the effort to improve the SciDocs content as well as the internal guidance in the system.

Right now (Summer 2018) we are focusing on:

  • Improving the basic functionality of the ELN
  • Adding personalized frontpage dashboards
  • Improving support for sample logistics, including storage management
  • Updating the functionality for loading ELN content from Excel
  • Finishing the first release of the plate assay module with dose-response curve support

General Approach

The basic purpose of Scifeon is to provide the best possible informatics support for laboratory research. When we are planning and specifying new concepts for Scifeon we always have the following objectives in mind:

Make life easier

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Customizable
  • Data 1st

Data value

  • Better analysis

Data quality

  • Reliability
  • Traceability
  • Validation

System Elements

Scifeon consists of the following elements making up the functionality and the infrastructure supporting the customizability.


  • Workflow support
  • Manage lab stuff
  • Results
  • File processing
  • Specific research disciplines
  • Data Management Utilities
  • Report Generator


  • Customization support
  • Access control
  • Auditing
  • System integration
  • User on-boarding
  • SaaS support
  • Autotest