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Browsing the Database

Last updated on 7-Nov-2018 by Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen

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Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

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Quick Search

There are multiple ways of browsing the database. The easiest is to use the quick search button in the menu panel.

The quick search allows for browsing entities in the database. You can search for the names, IDs and barcodes of these.

Entering a search query opens the search page. The search page has a query field, a filter, and a list of matching elements.

The filter allows for further filtering of the search query. One could, for instance, filter for a specific type, or department.

The list offers a view of basic values from the entities.

The Entity Browser

For more thorough searches with many more filtering and viewing options, the entity browser comes in handy.

The entity browser is entered through the main menu. The browser contains a list of all the entity classes in the database. Clicking one of these opens the advanced search page.

The advanced search page contains a panel for creating a new entity, and a larger panel for searching existing entities. It is possible to filter on any field the entity contains by selecting it in the More dropdown menu. The list view can also be manipulated to show more or less fields by clicking the Columns dropdown and selecting/de-selecting the field names.

Browsing Data Associations

Many entities are associated with other entities: A sample is made in a laboratory step, which is part of an experiment. If you are currently viewing the sample entity and would like to view the experiment entity, you can traverse these association as shown here:

The video demonstrates the ability to jump between entities in the entity view of the Scifeon user interface. It starts out by entering a FACS experiment through the dashboard, then jumping to the result set and moving up through the step entities and back to the experiment view.