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Last updated on 12-Jul-2018 by Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen


The ELN section describes how we see the Scifeon ELN by the end of 2018 – not all features are available, yet.

Paper-on-Glass Editing

You can use the ELN in a way very similar to a classic, paper-based notebook (aka “paper-on-glass”). While this way of working does not provide all the benefits of the more structured way of using the ELN, it does provide almost total flexibility in supporting different experiment processes and a very easy way to get started.

Protocol as Check-list

You can use the protocol items as a convenient check-list. You can click the check-mark to say that the item was completed as shown, the cross to say that it was skipped, the pen to edit the text or add a comment and the exclamation point to say that “something else happened” that need to be described/addressed later – then it will also show up in the dashboard and the experiment can’t be marked as completed before it’s been resolved.

Spreadsheet Editing

The ELN contains a Spreadsheet component where you can perform calculations and process other results. The Spreadsheet can also be used for designing how to render content, evaluate results and provide input to other parts of the system.

Automated Rendering of Structured Data

The most efficient way for you to write your ELN content is not to write your ELN content – but have the ELN content generated automatically based on other data that are already in the system. For example, when you upload results, they are automatically show in the ELN – with links to associated information so that you can easily browse the content of the database.

Custom Renderers

While the Scifeon default renderers provides default ways of automatically rendering data, you will often want to modify the defaults. You have extensive freedom to do simple as well as advanced data rendering based on all the data in your Scifeon system.

Constructing Workflows

You can construct complex laboratory workflows in Scifeon – including various kinds of branching, managing timing and coordination activities between different users. You can also change the workflow ad hoc while you are working on an experiment; for example to add extra follow-up studies based on initial results or to rerun failed steps.

Lab Work Pages

You can print parts of the ELN content for use in the lab – either based on default or customized content rendering

Data Upload

You will probably want to upload files with data – for example, raw data files from instruments and calculations in Excel files. The ELN provides advanced features for data upload, including special support for Excel files, signing of uploads and automated data processing when uploading.


There are many ways to process data using the ELN. You can implement your own data processing using TypeScript, or you can use a template approach with the Spreadsheet. Scifeon can also ue external tools, e.g. R scripts, for the data processing or simply import entire spreadsheets including calculations.

SOP Management

Scifeon ELN can help you manage your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You can track different versions of each SOP and keep information such as template ELN text and structured information, e.g. experiment acceptance criteria.

Approval Management

Experiments often need approval, e.g. by the assigned scientist. Scifeon approval workflows are highly configurable and you define workflows and prerequisites then let Scifeon take care of the necessary coordination. Approcal can be fully electronic with e-signatures and support for Part 11 compliance.

Report Generation and Management

You can generate reports based on the ELN content, with different content based on templates.

Data Visualization

Data can be visualized in the ELN, typically using tables or charts.