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Custom Pages for Analysis

Last updated on 14-Oct-2018 by Frej Nøhr Larsen
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Custom Pages

The FACS app introduces a few new pages not available in the default Scifeon interface, for instance the FACS experiment setup page.

Another custom page is the Analyzer page. This page compares the acceptance criteria in the SOP with the data in the result set.

The video shows the FACS experiment. Opening the entity view for the acquisition step, the analyzer custom page is entered by clicking the link in the result set description.

The analyzer page contains 4 panels:

  • A panel showing general information on the experiment
  • Experiment acceptance criteria
  • Sample acceptance criteria (can be configured)
  • List of samples

Each sample in the list can be expanded to show additional information. Each cell is colored to match their acceptance status.

The colors change dynamically when the sample acceptance criteria is changed.

Samples can be rejected or accepted on an individual basis.

Once the set is satisfactory, the results can be saved and displayed on the experiment entity view.

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