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Custom Data Types

Last updated on 29-Aug-2018 by Frej Nøhr Larsen
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Big Fermentation Data

Fermentation experiments are capable of producing a huge amount of data as chemical values such as pH and levels of metabolites are saved for each timepoint in the fermentation process.

This would require a huge amount of storage and still be very ungainly using the default data model in Scifeon.

To overcome this problem, a custom entity type is created which saves the data for each timepoint as a text. This allows the fermentation results to be saved in the Scifeon database.

Custom entity types are also used to add custom variables (descriptors) to the data: The fermentation app, for instance, introduces the "CellClone" data type.

The CellClone entity type has custom variables such as growth condition, plasmid, and genotype.

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