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Creating a New Request

Last updated on 17-Oct-2018 by Frej Nøhr Larsen
Frej Nøhr Larsen


This page describes the process of creating a request entity in the Scifeon database using the request user interface. If you would like to explore how the request interface is built, visit the developer page.

Using the Data Browser

By entering the data browser you can quickly create a new request:

This does, however, not allow the user to attach samples, files, and methods to the request.

New Request User Interface

Instead, using the request interface allows for advanced requests containing a vide array of information.

The request interface is reached through the Create new button in the side menu. Clicking the New Request button opens the following page:

The request itself is created in the larger panels: Here, a Notes panel contains written information on the request, this could contain experimental parameters, packing information, or whatever else could be necessary for the request.

The Samples panel contains a list of samples included in the request. These will be inserted as sample entities in the database when the request is made.

The Methods panel contains the methods available in the database and new ones can be introduced via the data browser. Selecting the wanted methods opens the Sample-method map allowing you to match samples and methods.

The sidebar to the left contains meta information for the request: who is making it (Customer), what type it is(Type), an optional description, who it is for (Inbox), and uploaded files.

When satisfied with the input, click the Save button near the top of the page to save the request to the database. This will notify the owner of the inbox and make it appear in the Inbox entity view:

Omed Request Video Introduction

Below is a video of an Omed customer requesting a SCAF analysis for his samples: