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Last updated on 13-May-2020 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead
, Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen


With this plugin you can add routes to custom pages in Scifeon.


Routes are defined in the contributions.json file. A route is described by the following JSON:

  • id Used for referencing.
  • route The actual URL.
  • title The title shown in the browser title.
  • pageId The custom page to show when accessing this route.

Note: All elements are required in this definition.

Routing and parameters

The route defines the actual URL. If the route is custom/route, the absolute URL in Scifeon is https://{instance}, i.e. the route defined everything after /#/.


Parameters can defined using colons like this: custom/route/:dynamic. Optional parameters are defined using a question mark, like this: custom/route/:dynamic? The parameters are accessible through the ScifeonUtils-class:

In the above this.dynamic is only set if the dynamic part of the route custom/route/:dynamic? was found.


The following snippet defines the a custom page and adds a route referring to it. Notice how the pageId refers to the id of the defined page.