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Spreadsheet Functions

Last updated on 13-May-2020 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead
, Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen


With this plugin you can create your own spreadsheet functions.


Spreadsheet functions are defined in the contributions.json file. A spreadsheet function is described by the following JSON:

  • id Used for referencing the spreadsheet function.
  • src The relative path to the spreadsheet function implementation.
  • description An optional description, mainly used for administrators.

A spreadsheet function must implement the interface SpreadsheetFunction.


In this example we want to build a simple function that always adds 5 to the input. We name the function ADD_5, and it should have the following behaviour:




The following snippet defines the data loader, thus making it available for data upload: