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Scifeon can be customized for your specific needs. Using numerous extension points you and your team can easily extend Scifeon, e.g. with your specific Excel-template, or with your specific "Create Request" form. The different plugins can be implemented in Scifeon directly, or by using our Scifeon SDK, for developing, debugging and testing locally on your own computer.

Using the Scifeon SDK, you can package your different custom plugins into one package and install this in your Scifeon instance, or distribute it to other Scifeon users. If you have build an awesome app, we would love to see it, so don't hesitate with contacting us.


The apps sections contain all information needed for setting up a local Scifeon instance using the Scifeon SDK, developing, debugging, testing and packaging apps.


For building plugins and apps, the following APIs are crucial:

  • TypeScript APIs
  • Server APIs, i.e. Data Query and OData endpoints
  • HTML Components
  • CSS classes
On this page