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Last updated on 15-Aug-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

The Scifeon Workflow ELN serves as your central place for managing your daily laboratory work.

The typical steps that the Scifeon Workflow ELN supports are:

  • Planning your experiments
  • Overview and orchestration of on-going activities
  • Guiding and tracking the work in the lab
  • Recording results and observations
  • Analyzing and interpreting results
  • Experiment approval


For planning your lab work, Scifeon can help you manage:

  • Waiting samples and tasks, including requests from customers or sister departments
  • Defining experiments based on templates or SOPs
  • Coordination of work between scientists and technicians / research assistants


Scifeon can show you planned and in-progress experiments, for example on your frontpage dashboard.

Working in the Lab

With the Scifeon Workflow ELN, you can easily:

  • Track your progress in the lab
  • Print work notes for lab work
  • Record notes about the experiment

Recording Results

You can

  • Upload file based results
  • Enter results using the web interface
  • Import data from Excel files
  • Perform calculations in the ELN

Analyzing and interpreting

  • Notes
  • Conclusion

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