Last updated on 12-Jul-2018 by Thomas P. Boesen
Thomas P. Boesen


The ELN section describes how we see the Scifeon ELN by the end of 2018 – not all features are available, yet.

Scifeon ELN serves as your central place for managing your daily laboratory work.

The typical steps that the ELN supports are:

  • Planning your experiments
  • Overview and orchestration of on-going activities
  • Guiding and tracking the work in the lab
  • Recording results and observations
  • Analyzing and interpreting results
  • Experiment approval


For planning your lab work, Scifeon can help you manage:

  • Waiting samples and tasks, including requests from customers or sister departments
  • Defining experiments based on templates or SOPs
  • Coordination of work between scientists and technicians / research assistants


Scifeon can show you planned and in-progress experiments, for example on your frontpage dashboard.

Working in the Lab

With the Scifeon ELN, you can easily:

  • Track your progress in the lab
  • Print work notes for lab work
  • Record notes about the experiment

Recording Results

You can

  • Upload file based results
  • Enter results using the web interface
  • Import data from Excel files
  • Perform calculations in the ELN

Analyzing and interpreting

  • Notes
  • Conclusion