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PowerBI OData Connector

Last updated on 02-Nov-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

Scifeon offers an OData interface for interacting with data from Scifeon in other applications, e.g. PowerBI. A few steps is needed in order to retrieve data from Scifeon in PowerBI:

Step 1

Select Get data from another source --> on the frontpage:

Step 2

Search for odata, select OData Feed and click Connect:

Step 3

Enter the Scifeon OData URL for your company, e.g. and click OK:

Step 4

In the next window, select "Basic" on the left, and enter your username and password for Scifeon and click "Connect":

Step 4.1

If you are not using username and password when signing in to Scifeon, follow this guide:

First a Personal Access Token (PAT) needs to be generated to get access:

  1. Open your user profile: go to https://{your-company}
  2. Click "New PAT" and copy the PAT generated and shown in the dialog (starts with PAT).
  1. Paste the PAT as your password, and use your email as username.

Step 4

Click Connect and see the following Navigator pane, where all kinds of data can be found. Find the relevant data, select it, and click Load:

Step 5

After you've clicked Load you will see a new table in PowerBI containing the data from Scifeon: