Developer / Getting Started

Create and run your first App

Last updated on 06-Jul-2020 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

Make sure you have setup your development environment by following the Getting Started guide.


  1. Open a Command Prompt (on Windows: +R, type cmd and press Enter) and navigate to the folder, where you want to create your app, e.g.:
  2. Run scifeon-cli new and follow the instructions.
  3. Run scifeon-cli debug in the new app-folder. This packages the the app, starts Scifeon and opens http://localhost:5000/ in your default browser.
  4. Login with the username admin and password 12345678
  5. Open the menu and choose "CustomPage" - this page is defined in the app

If you change the contents of any of the files in the src/-folder, Scifeon automatically reloads and installs your changes.

Using the Developer tools

  • Break points
  • Aurelia Inspector
  • Scifeon Developer toolbar

Next step: Create a data loader

You are now ready to create your first data loader in the new app: Click here to learn how to create your first data loader