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Last updated on 16-Jan-2018 by Thomas P. Boesen
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, Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

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Unit Testing

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E2E (end to end) Testing

Currently E2E testing is only supported by Scifeon instances running from the SDK or on-premises Scifeon instances with the following setting in the appsettings.json:



  1. Get and unzip the E2E Testing project into a folder, e.g. c:\e2e
  2. Open a Command Prompt (+R, type cmd and press Enter) and enter:

See the tests running in the Chrome browser. NB: the npm install command only needs to be run the first time.


The following options are available:

  • --url {scifeon_hostname} The Scifeon instance to test against
  • --report Generate a test report in the /reports folder named E2E_Test_Report_Scifeon_{scifeon_version}_{scifeon_hostname}.html
  • --headless Run the tests without launching the Chrome window
  • --tag {tag(s)} Run only tests with specified tag(s) (separated by comma)

E.g. running only tests tagged readonly on the host http://localhost:5000, generating a report and running Chrome in headless mode: