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Last updated on 05-Dec-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

In this section you will learn about security in Scifeon.

Methods

In Scifeon you can sign in using different methods. The default method is to use your Scifeon username and password. However, you can also sign in using your organization's Microsoft account.

Managing sign-in methods

As an administrator you can control available methods on the Administration page. Click the Security Settings and change methods as needed.

Sign in using Microsoft account

As an administrator you must ensure smooth sign-in using Microsoft account. Do this by allowing the Azure Scifeon enterprise application to have access. As an Azure Portal administrator, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Azure Portal and sign in using your organization's Microsoft account.
  2. Click Microsoft Entra ID in the left menu.
  3. Select Enterprise Applications in the left menu.
  4. Find the Scifeon application (at least one user must have tried to sign in using Microsoft account for it to appear here) and open it.
  5. Choose Permissions on the left.
  6. Click the Grant admin consent button to allow users to automatically sign-in with Microsoft without having to explicitly give permission for each user.