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Getting Started

Last updated on 16-Aug-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

To create your first experiment in the ELN, click Create Experiment on the Welcome to Scifeon dashboard (1), or click Create Experiment from the quick-create menu (2) in the navigation side-bar.

Now you have your first experiment, and you can start adding content to it:

![Alt text](image-2.png)

The ELN page is divided into three sections:

  1. Experiment header section – with the Name and Title of the experiment and other meta-data.
  2. Step tree – a graphical representation of steps and step branches.
  3. Step list – a list steps belonging to this experiment.

Experiment Title and Metadata

The experiment title can be edited by double-clicking the + Add title placeholder text or clicking on the pencil icon that appears when hovering the mouse cursor over the title, and after editing, the Save button is clicked.

Similarly, the ‘Type’ can be edited, but instead of a free text field, the ‘Type’ field is a drop-down where you can scroll through available types, search available types by starting typing, and if no matching type was found, you can create a new type

Thus, the other fields can be changed, like Project, Department, etc. The Scientist (the person responsible for the experiment) can also be changed for the experiment, and the Analyst (the person executing the experiment, and who by default is the same as the Scientist) can be set for the entire experiment (multiple Analysts can be added on the different steps, see below).

An abstract can be added to the experiment by selecting the Abstract tab, and double-click the + Add Abstract placeholder (or clicking the pencil icon) which will activate the Rich Text Editor. A conclusion can be added in the exact same way by selecting the Conclusion tab.