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HTTP Status Codes & Errors

Last updated on 13-May-2020 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
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The API endpoints returns the following HTTP status codes:

Code Text Description
200 OK Everything is OK.
201 Created Entity was created. The body contains the newly created entity.
204 No Content Created successfully, but there is nothing to return.
400 Bad Request The request you made was somehow malformed. This could be failed validation on creation or updating. If you use query parameters that doesn't make sense. The body will contain an error(s) object, explained below.
401 Unauthorized No user logged on.
403 Forbidden The user are not authorized for the endpoint.
404 Not Found The requested endpoint does not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed
415 Unsupported Media Type If anythng else not specified endpoints accept `application/json` as `Content-Type` header.
500 Internal Server Error There was a system error with the Scifeon web server. Please try the request again. If the problem persists, please report the problem to
501 Not Implemented


The following format is used for errors:

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