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Last updated on 15-Aug-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

In Scifeon there are a number of notifications that are enabled by default. These notifications are sent to the user via email and in the system as well. Typically a notification includes a link to the relevant page in Scifeon. The notifications are:

  • You are mentioned - You are mentioned in a comment, note or message.
  • Message thread replied to - A message thread you are subscribed to has been replied to.

Further, there are notifications that are not enabled by default. The can be subscribed to. The following section shows how this can be done for some of them.

Configure notification subscriptions

To configure the notifications, go to the Notifications tab (1) in the navigation, and click the cog-wheel icon (2):

Here you can see all your active notification subscriptions:


To create a notification subscription, click the New Subscription button:

Please note that these notifications are subject to change, and that the list of notifications shown here may not be complete. If you are missing a specific notification, please contact Scifeon support:


Simply toggle the Active switch to unsubscribe from a notification. Or click the trashcan icon to delete the subscription if it's a subscription you set up yourself.