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Installing Printer

Last updated on 13-Jan-2024 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

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, Stephan Boersma
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Installation (Windows)

In order for Scifeon to send labels to your Zebra printer, the Zebra Browser Print software must be installed on your Computer. Follow these steps to install and run Zebra Browser Print as well as adding your Zebra Printer.

1. Download and Run Installer

  • Download the installer for Windows: Zebra Browser Print Download Page
  • Run the installer executable ZebraBrowserPrintSetup-1.3.X.exe.
  • Select where you would like to save the Browser Print files and click Next.
Install Location
  • Select where you would like to run the program from and click Next.

2. Desktop Icon Option

  • Decide if you want to have a desktop icon for Browser Print and click Next.
Desktop Icon

3. Installation Process

  • Click Install.
  • Check the box to launch Zebra Browser Print and click Finish. If you do not check the box, Zebra Browser Print will be launched the next time you restart your computer.
  • Note: The Windows installer adds a shortcut to the startup menu automatically. This feature will ensure that Browser Print runs when the computer is restarted. You can remove this feature by right-clicking on the shortcut in the startup menu. Browser Print will only work when started manually without the entry in startup.

4. Accept License Agreement

  • When the program runs for the first time, the End User License Agreement will pop-up. Select I Agree.

5. Browser Communication Confirmation

  • A pop-up about communicating with a web browser will appear. Click OK.
Security Certificate
  • A pop-up will appear requesting access to any connected Zebra devices. Select Yes.
Security Certificate
  • In a web browser, it displays that the SSL Certificate has been accepted. This can be closed again.
Security Certificate Accepted

6. System Tray Icon

  • A Zebra logo icon will also appear in your system tray this indicates that Zebra Browser Print is running.

Running Browser Print

1. Access Settings

  • Right-click (WIN) on the Zebra logo icon in the system tray and select Settings. Browser Print’s settings will open.

2. Configure Settings

  • Default Devices Lists the default device set for this user. This is different than the default printer set by the operating system. This can be changed once set via the Change button or via script.
  • Added Devices Lists the devices that have been manually added by the user. These can be modified by clicking the Manage button.
  • Accepted Hosts Lists web addresses that the user has allowed access to their devices. These can be removed using this screen.
  • Blocked Hosts Lists web addresses that the user has blocked access to their devices. These can be removed using this screen.
  • Broadcast Search Selection box allows Zebra Browser Print to find and print on network connected Zebra Printers.
  • Driver Search The application will display installed drivers in the discovered printer response.

3. Set or Change the Default Printer

  • To set or change the default printer, click the Change button. A pop-up will appear with a dropdown of all discoverable devices (finding network connected Zebra printers may take a few moments). Select the device you would like to print to by default and click Set.
Default Device Default Device Added

4. Add Printer Manually

  • To manually add a printer, click the Manage button. To add a printer, fill out the Name, Device Address, and Port fields before clicking Add. The device should appear in the list, and should be delivered as a discovered device.

5. Restarting Browser Print

  • For Windows: Start Menu -> Programs -> Zebra Technologies -> Zebra Browser Print