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Last updated on 06-Oct-2023 by Jakob Jakobsen Boysen
Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

When you have signed in, you see the navigation bar on the left (pictured in the image below). The items in (4) and (5) can be hidden by clicking the crossed over needle icon. The different boxes marked in the image are described below.

1. Main menu items

These items are always present in the navigation bar:

  • Home - Take you to the frontpage with Dashboards.
  • Search - Search for data in the platform.
  • Create - Create new data in the platform.
  • Upload Data - Upload data to the platform.
  • Inventory - View and edit your inventory of Samples and stuff.

2. Sub-menu items

These items are dynamically present based on the Apps you have installed. Typically it will be one or more of the items found in the menu (5).

3. Profile, Settings and Help

These items are:

  • Release Notes - Information about the latest release of the platform.
  • Help and Support - Links to the Scifeon support site (i.e. these pages).
  • Profile and Settings - Information about your profile and settings.

4. Menu tabs

These tabs include more detailed items:

  • Menu - The menu items you see in (5).
  • Projects - The projects you have access to, and link to Project Management.
  • Planning - Different views for Experiment planning.
  • Search - The same as the Search item in (1), but in a tab that does not disappear when you click it.
  • Data Cart - View and edit your Data Cart.
  • Notifications - View and remove your notifications and setup notification subscriptions.

5. Menu items

These items are dynamically present based on the Apps you have installed.

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