Creating Entities in Scifeon

Last updated on 27-Aug-2018 by Frej Nøhr Larsen
Frej Nøhr Larsen


Scifeon Datamodel

All data in the Scifeon database is saved as entities.

Each entity is assigned a class, for instance Experiment, or StorageLocation. The full list can be seen in the entity browser - with the full parameter list on the datamodel page:

The video shows the entity browser: this page lists all the entity classes in Scifeon. Clicking an entity type navigates to a search panel for that type. Clicking the link in the top navigates to the datamodel page.

The datamodel page contains information on the columns, the data fields, each of the classes in Scifeon contain. This page is very helpful if you are trying to add new entities to the the database and would like to know what kind of data each of the classes can hold.

Entity Creation

Entities can be created individually from the entity browser, or as collections from custom modules and data loaders. These are covered in the upload section and the developer guide.

In the video above we enter the entity browser. This page shows an overview of all the available classes in Scifeon. Selecting the Experiment class navigates us to a search menu for browsing the experiments saved to the database. At the top of the page is a Create Experiment button for creating a new experiment entity in the database. Clicking this button opens a pop-up, listing all the columns of the entity.


For a faster way to create popular entities - experiments and steps - a menu point has been added:

The menu point allows for the creation of experiments and steps via a pop-up from anywhere on the site.

The pop-up offers several options for creating new entities: You can create an empty experiment, use a template from an app (such as the FACS app), or you can upload a file.